Become Wayz ERP Partner and accelerate the growth of your practice.

The partnership program is intended to promote collaboration and professional development in the region. Accountants, auditors, IT consultants, and business consultants will gain the most from this program. Signing up for the partnering program is completely free.

Why Become a Wayz ERP Partner?

Join the Wayz ERP Partnership Program to grow your business. Our partnership program provides leads, functional and programming support, and co-branded events.

How it works?

There are two types of partners: resellers and certified partners. Reseller Partners can earn a 20% commission on subscription fees. Reseller partner will become a Wayz ERP Certified Partner once you have completed the Functional and Consultant certifications.

In addition, Wayz ERP Certified partners receive leads from their regions, are invited to co-branded webinars and events, have a dedicated Account manager for constant support and encouragement, and also have access to programmers and functional consultants at the best price.

Benefits of the Partnership Program?

The following are the program’s key benefits:

Wayz ERP through Training and certification enable professionals to go above and beyond what they promise to their clientele. Trainings are intended to provide professionals with the knowledge they need to keep their services ahead of the competition.

Every business needs consistent revenue segments in order to grow in the right direction. Wayz ERP collaborates with partners to provide opportunities for consistent growth.

Get to know the areas where you are currently overspending. We will assist you in cutting expenditures.

Wayz ERP is a great believer in working together to grow. We assist our Partners by providing leads in their respective regions.

We always interact with the business and professional audiences through our events and learn about their computing needs in order to expand their enterprises.

Partners require technological and functional support to deliver the expected results. We assist our partners by providing them with awesome talent that they can recruit on a project-by-project basis, turning their fixed costs into variable costs.

Which businesses would benefit the most from our Partnership program?

Our partnership program is specially designed to give business and professional growth to Accountants, Auditors, Business consultants and IT Consultants.


Frequently Ask

What is the Wayz ERP Partner program?
The Wayz ERP partner program is intended to grow businesses of professionals such as accountants, auditors, tax agents, and IT consultants.
How many Wayz ERP partnerships programs are there, and what features do they have?
There are two kinds of partners. Resellers and Certified Wayz ERP partners Resellers are only eligible for referral commission. Certified Wayz ERP partners are entitled for Leads, Training programs, Co-Branded events, an Account Manager, and much more. Wayz ERP functional certification is required for reseller partners in order to become certified partners.
Where can I find a list of Wayz ERP partner directory?
Wayz ERP partners, resellers, and trained consultants are available all around the world. Their list can be found at
How do partners handle customer subscriptions?
Every partner has their own partner portal where they can view all list accounts they refer, due dates, and their own referral commissions.

Partners Benefits

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